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BLOCK A: Where AI can significantly help sales?

Kateřina Paterová, Media Relations, Blue Events

Artificially intelligent selling?

Josef Holý, expert on artificial intelligence and co-author of Cannaries in the Network podcast

The boom in artificial intelligence is accelerating and has the potential to influence and change many areas of human activities in the coming years. What can systems like GPT do? Are they really intelligent? What to watch out? And how will it affect our relationships, including the business ones? In his presentation, Josef Holý will make use of many years of his experience from both the corporate and start-up environments, as well as his knowledge of the broader relationships of digital manipulation and disinformation, which he communicates when creating the podcast Canaries in the Network.

Can AI improve customer relationships in manufacturing industry?

Jan Lát, CFO and Vice-Chairman of the Board, BENEŠ a LÁT

Artificial intelligence helps manufacturing companies process data on the status of production equipment, thus eliminating both reactive and preventive shutdowns, while increasing production capacity and notifying of changes in advance. Thanks to this, term shifts are minimized, and when they do occur, the sales team is able to communicate them with the customer proactively. In relation to AI in forecasting, it is easier to respond to the necessary capacities of production, logistics, but also financing in the long term.

AI, smart data, automation... What to look forward to (and prepare) in B2B business?

Martin Hošek, Business Consultant, IMPER

Modern technologies change also the way we do business. The fundamental difference is in the creation of target groups - we have a lot of information available to segment the market for more accurate marketing and "safe" sales.  Knowing your market and knowing our position in it  is also the basis for the implementation of other technologies - artificial intelligence and communication automation. We will talk about what the humans still  should do and what to automate or leave to AI. And how to create target groups to multiply the sales chances.

Use the power of GPT Chat to boost sales

Anna Bohoněk, Head of Business Development & Marketing, InSpace Proximity

Simplify your everyday tasks and deploy GPT Chat to find customers, increase efficiency, and improve sales outcomes. From practical applications in the sales process, such as customer search and relationship management, to discussing the shortcomings of artificial intelligence in sales communication. By using effective strategies, you will overcome the limitations associated with this technology and ensure not only a balanced approach to the use of artificial intelligence in B2B sales, but also an increase in your sales results.

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Coffee / Tea Break

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BLOK B: Where do human experiences and emotions score in sales?

Kateřina Paterová, Media Relations, Blue Events

Slevomat for a reward: Effective online client motivation to increase your turnover

Veronika Kotásková, Commercial Director, Slevomat
Linda Vavříková, Founder Allegria and Head of Project Management, Slevomat

A portion of inspiration and fun: introduction of the revolutionary online incentive program "Slevomat for a Reward". How to bring "Wow moments" into your business? Veronika and Linda share the secrets of successfull rewarding of clients, business partners and suppliers effortlessly. You will learn how this tool can improve the loyalty of your customers and thus increase the turnover of the company.

Negotiation and price management - a classic that neither AI will change

Karel Otýs, negotiator and purchase consultant

A seller should not be a "clerk". Moreover, the launch of AI may open up space for a return to the roots of negotiations. We will focus on how to negotiate prices for customers in times of uncertainty and constant change. We will show you what corporate pricing expects from a supplier and how to use price management as a way to strengthen the relationship with the customer.

Social selling – How to use LinkedIn to build promising business relationships anywhere in the world

Jan Kyselý, Co-Founder, FUTURE SALES

With the right goal and approach, LinkedIn can become one of your main acquisition platforms, basically anywhere in the world. Let's show you step by step how to set your own long-term vision of working with this platform. Why are successful especially those who are not afraid to share their know-how in public. And why sellers who push too hard usually quickly break their teeth on LinkedIn.

Can retailers still sell successfully in the age of technologies?

Petra Hudeček Končelíková, Founder & General Partner, Nation1
Fares Měchura, Founder, Saleshero

In the current times of artificial intelligence and the digital world, many entrepreneurs and sales managers are wondering if traditional sales skills are still relevant. Is it only technology that determines sales success, or are there still the key qualities and capabilities of sales people necessary? In the discussion, Petra and Fares will focus on a topic that is often overlooked in the era of technology - what is the role that traditional sales skills play in a successful business. Although modern technology can make the work of businessmen and sales people easier, it is still the unique qualities and abilities of the responsible person that decide whether a deal can be concluded or not.

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Lunch break and networking

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BLOK C: How to improve sales results with the help of AI and at the same time not forget about business skills?

Alexander Raiman, Partner, Saleshero

Petr Ritz, Head of B2B Sales and Marketing, Samsung
Šimon Srp, CEO, Simon says
Bohumír Šaffek, Tribe Leader Omnichannel T-business, T-Mobile Czech Republic
Josef Holý, expert on artificial intelligence and co-author of Cannaries in the Network podcast

Panel discussion of leading experts will focus on current issues of the right mix of artificial and human intelligence in sales management:

·        Are today's sales people still able to effectively communicate with customers and listen to their needs?

·        To what extent is it desirable to transfer "bureaucracy" to the AI sphere and free up space for maintaining humanity in business relations?

·        Will AI ever be able to ask the right questions/identify the problems and needs of business partners?

·        How to effectively develop employees in sales and ensure that they support each other?

 Panelists will explore different perspectives on these issues and look for ways in which companies can strengthen their business relationships and improve their results. You can look forward to an influx of inspiration, new ideas and approaches.

16:00 - 17:00

Networking and cocktail