Who is the keynote speaker?

Adam Dolník is a globally recognized negotiator whose main job is to negotiate the lives of hostages held by terrorist organizations and criminal groups anywhere in the world. Adam also advises multinational corporations and other private sector clients on complicated negotiations, often in countries and contexts where Western standards and business norms are not respected.

As an instructor, he regularly lectures for negotiation, counter-terrorism, intelligence and diplomatic agencies around the world (so far in more than 65 countries). His clients include: The FBI's Crisis Negotiation Unit, the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, the New York City Police Department (NYPD), and national and police negotiating teams from the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, and many other countries.

In the past, Adam has served as the lead hostage negotiation expert at the UNCCT - United Nations Counter-Terrorism Centre in New York, and is the only civilian member of the International Negotiator Working Group (INWG), which brings together representatives from national negotiating teams from around the world. Adam's specialist training includes the FBI's National Negotiation Course in Quantico and Scotland Yard's National Negotiation Course in Hendon, a UN course on negotiating with kidnappers in Nairobi and a police course on undercover negotiation techniques in Manchester. In the past, Adam has also worked as a professor and researcher on terrorism at universities in the USA, Australia, Singapore and Germany.

He has written six books on the issue of negotiation and published more than 60 studies and professional articles.

What is Sales Managemetn and with whom will you meet?

Meeting of Sales Directors, Sales Managers, Sales Team Leaders and Key Account Managers from the top companies operating on the Czech market. Every year, the event brings instructions and inspiration on how to create effective sales teams, how to combine individual sales personalities, how to motivate them, how to reward them, how to use technology effectively, simply how to ensure the overall sustainability and functionality of the sales team.

The conference is intended for owners, directors, heads of sales teams, customer care department heads, Business Development Managers, consultants, and anyone interested in what's new in B2B trading today.

Structure of last year's participants

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