12 / 6 / 2024
KC CIty, Prague

From Acquisition to Service

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Main Topic: From Acquisition to Service

In today's dynamic business environment, it is crucial for salespeople to improve continuously and adapt to new trends.

Customer acquisition strategies serve as a starting point for setting methods to identify and approach potential clients, with an emphasis on personalization and efficient use of digital marketing.

Proper management of the sales process is the key to success, including effective lead management and customer qualification techniques. In the era of digital transformation, CRM and technological tools play a significant role in enhancing the efficiency of sales teams and maximizing work productivity.

Sales and negotiation techniques provide salespeople with practical skills to improve their outcomes. In this area, we will focus on upcoming trends and innovations, including AI, which will shape the future of business strategies.

Customer experience and loyalty are an important condition for long-term success. Building positive relationships with clients involves efficient customer service management supported by data analysis, which enables a deeper understanding of the market and customer needs and facilitates decision-making processes.

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Who is the keynote speaker?

Adam Dolník, globally recognized negotiator

Find out what the most important skills are to negotiate and get to know the myths about negotiating.

Adam is an internationally recognized negotiator, specializing in hostages held by terrorists, criminal groups or state actors. He advises multinational corporations and has led negotiations in hazardous contexts around the world. He is an instructor for government and police teams and has extensive academic experience, including work for the United Nations.

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