What is Sales Management?

Meeting of Sales Directors, Sales Managers, Sales Team Leaders and Key Account Managers from the top companies operating on the Czech market. Every year, the event brings instructions and inspiration on how to create effective sales teams, how to combine individual sales personalities, how to motivate them, how to reward them, how to use technology effectively, simply how to ensure the overall sustainability and functionality of the sales team.

About event

What will the year 2023 be about?

AI or artificial intelligence - the term that is increasingly reflected in our work and in our lives. How does AI affect work in the sales departments? When looking for better technology and tools, we sometimes forget what business is really about. Where is the legitimate space for the use of AI and vice versa, in what ways are we, as humans, irreplaceable? We will look for answers to these and many other questions together with the heads of successful companies at the next annual Sales Management conference. The aim of the event is to create an open space for discussion in which we will share useful advice and practical experience.

Who is it for?

The conference is intended for owners, Company Directors, Sales Directors, Heads of Sales Teams, Heads of Customer Care, Business Development Managers, consultants and for all those who want to make a difference in business.